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About me

Pokut, Rize

Hasan Civelek was born on February 5th, 1979 in Rize, Turkey.

He graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Electric-Electronic Engineering Program in 2001 and Bahcesehir University Information Technology Program in 2018.

He has been computer programming since 1993 but as a professional since 2001.

He was working as a programmer in Ankara for Bimel Elektronik AS. between 2001-2003. He moved to Istanbul in 2004, after he finished his military duty.

He started developing on student management software at IT division for Bahcesehir University in 2004. He moved to Ubit AS when his division had transformed into this company. He quit from Ubit twice to run his own company between 2004-2008.

He has married with Sahika Tabak which he met her through a PHP booklet that written by Dr. Hakki Ocal in 2006.

He has been working for Ubit as a research and development director and team leader since 2008.

He has been making personal iOS projects and writing at several blogs since 2010.

He has founded Kitapi which is library management software for free in 2015 with his cousin.

He has been a father of twins since 2017.

He has been studying English since the end of 2018.

His love for PHP continues like as the first day, thanks to Laravel.

He has been using a computer in peace since he has started using a Mac.