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Our English WhatsApp group is developing

I decided to add two people which they are not from our class to the WhatsApp group. They are want to improve their English skills and both are our colleagues.

Actually, one of them is not working for our company right now. She left the company after she married because she and her husband went to America and had been lived there for a while. She is a graphic designer and working for the university, which provides this online course as free. She has a blog on Medium in English.

The other working with us currently. He is a programmer like us. He had been working as a tour guide for a short time. Actually, he was a teacher but he didn’t like the job and he has decided to be a programmer.

Maybe our WhatsApp group will be more interactive with this two.


  • Rahsan

    Soooo, Dilek has returned to Turkey, I guess. Does she work for BestImage? And which department does the other one, who once was a teacher and a tour guide, work in your company? Stoys? Testing? etc. It’s good that you all want to improve your English. Ans I’m sure the secret whatsapp group will be more interactive. :D

  • my.english.journey

    Thank you for the comment Rahsan Hanim :) Yes, Dilek and her husband returned back a few years ago. I know the BestImage but I couldn’t sure that Dilek was working there.

    The other guy is Esad. He works for our Stoys team. I have forced him to speak English all the way while I’m driving him to his home.

    I found a name for my education technique: Force Driven English

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