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I did it!

A few weeks ago Stephany (the English Coach on YouTube) asked us to send her a short video as a comment on Facebook. It was a closed group post. I was very shy but I barely did it. But I prepared my speech before taking the video. Anyway, it was a good experience to make a little speech for foreigners.

Last night, an idea came to my mind that I can make my own videos every day while I driving to the office. Or while come back to home. I don’t need the share the videos public. I could keep the videos myself to see the developing of my English speaking.

I made the first video this morning while driving to the office. It took 12 minutes. I thought I can share it with my wife and some close friends. And then I realized that we can also do the same thing that Stephany asked. We have a WhatsApp group that we use for our online English course, too. I could start a challenge there. And I did.

Me trying to express my self.

But nobody reacts to me at first. Because I just offered them. I understood that I should do it first and then maybe they would follow me.

I took a short video in my car after exiting from the office and I send it to the group. I thought they will do the same immediately but it not happens :) They didn’t any react at first, actually. And I pushed some of them to accept my challenge :) I think they will do it. Some of them promised to do it. I’ll wait.

I think I have started to collect some courage.

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