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About Apple

I didn’t mention here but I have been joined a remote course of Bahçesehir University to improve my English skills. It was a one time opportunity for our company and I didn’t want to miss it. Because it was free.

We has taken two lessons until now. Our teacher has given us some writing homework. I want to share the latest here. It was about Apple. She asked us to write about something for a famous company which must include some keywords. Here is mine:

I want to talk about Apple. This company is my favorite tech corporation or maybe I should say it was. After the earlier CEO gone which is Steve Jobs, the main character of Apple has changed.

Apple also a joint-stock company. This kind of corporations has very interesting rules. For example; you can be forced to quit even you was the founder of the company. Because there is a board of shareholders. They can choose this kind of interesting and unfair decisions. Steve Jobs was forced to quit when he was the CEO.

After that, the company struggled with many problems for a while. After 11 years, they asked Jobs to return to the company.

All big companies like Apple are multinationals. They want to improve their benefits globally. Because of that, they need so many human resources from different countries. For example, one of Apple’s famous jobs is the App Store. This is a market place for mobile applications that can be run at the iOS platform which is alose belongs to Apple. App Store runs in hundreds of countries. Some of the applications are local. Apple must control all applications before publishing it to the market place. So, the company must have some local staff to understand what is in the application that wants to be on the App Store.

Apple also has some physical subsidiaries in different countries: Apple Stores. Yes, the words are similar and sometimes can be confusing.

Apple Stores are physical shop center to sell Apple’s electronic products like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac etc. They are very elegant shops and Turkey has some of them.

I want to write more about Apple but I think it should be good to stop here.

This was my writing. Today the teacher sent me an email and correct some errors. Here is the correct version of this homework:

I think she didn’t understand the yellow part :)

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