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Our English circle is growing

I’m a team leader at work. We are a software company. We have three main projects. The project that I lead is the newest and it is about online examination platform for English.

Our customers -actually not customer, they’re our partners- mostly are English teacher. We have been working together for almost 2 years. Suddenly we realized that they were teachers. They can teach us English.

I’m talking about a lot of people but actually, we have 2 sincere teachers. We have different WhatsApp channels with them. By the way, our team is three people. We asked them to use English at WhatsApp channel and they agreed. Sometimes a big silence cover all chat screen but it is ok :)

One of the teachers told us that their corporation which is a big university will start a free online English course for their staffs. We asked them to include us on this course. She asked her boss and he said this course would be for the B2 level and we should be at least B1 to participate it.

Then she gave us a link to find out which level we were. There are two separated online exams. One for grammar and vocabulary and the other one for listening. I got B1 for the first and C1 for the second. It appears my ears work better my brain :)


  • Rahsan

    Hello! I am one of the teachers Hasan is working with. I have never experienced that silence in our Whatsapp group, though. :) The team is doing a great job! And I believe that you will be successful in the exam and participate our course. We will be very happy to have you all. :)
    Keep up the good work!

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