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My best friends

I don’t want to call them just “friends”. I searched a little to find a proper word to describe them but I couldn’t decide which one is exactly fit to what I want to mean, so it has be “friend” again. (I was wanting to use “fella” but I couldn’t see this word at here)

We are close friends from university, I mean since 1998, 1999 or 2000. I don’t know the year exactly because we were not close friends at the beginning. But in 2000 we became good friends. It is clear :)

We shared same house at last year of the school. They were stay at school dorm before that. So, they has been good friends already. And I joined them at final year.

We are four people. We know each other’s families. We have stayed in each other’s family homes dozens of times. We went to each other’s weddings, funerals. We are brothers.

Yes, the correct word is the “brother”.

My brothers came to me yesterday nearly at middle of the night. It was a surprise. One of them had said earlier that he would come. he already came towards the evening. But I didn’t expect the others. They (and their wife) wanted to visit me for my 40th birth day. How can I not call them as my brothers :)

Actually my birthday was two day later but they want to came at weekend. Because one of them (let’s call him the boss) came from 500 km away. The other one (the artist) came from 100 km away. The artist and his wife returned after a few hours later because their little baby was sleeping at home. His sister was caring the baby. They wanted go back before baby awake.

The boss and his wife stayed more for a few hours but then they leaved with the couple who came earlier (the gamer and his wife).

Our twins were sleeping when they come. But the gamer and his wife played with them before the babies slept.

They came from hundred of kilometers, stayed for a few hours, we talked, we laughed and then they left. They are my brothers. I love them much.

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