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Hello world!

I don’t need to change title of this pre-prepared post. Because it is really an “Hello world!” for me.

This blog will be my English journey. I have been working in English for a while. My goal is to improve my speech, my vocabulary, etc.

I have been following a few YouTube channel for studying English. One of them is Stephanie, The English Coach. Her web site’s address is englishfulltime.com. I also watch her videos from the web site.

Actually, I joined the web site at beginning of this month but I couldn’t watch any video except first one :) So, I took a few minutes before going to sleep and watched the second video tonight.

She mentioned that to consuming English every day for improve skills at video. There are so many ways to do it. But I liked one of them very much: To start a blog in English.

May be she wasn’t talk about blogs in particular. May be it was YouTube channel or something else but I love blogs and I decided to start an English blog while watching the video.

This will be my fifth blog. Actually, I have been using this method already. I have had an Ottoman blog for eight days. Ottoman Language isn’t a real language. It is a kind of writing language. Because it is Turkish when you speak but it uses Arabic letter when you write. So, I have started osmanlicaeserler.com (it means Ottoman books) to re-write some parts from old good books from photocopies for improve my Ottoman writing skills.

Anyway, I like this new blog already. Thanks Stephanie :) I hope it works.

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