' My English Journey – Why not?
  • A sincere reply to an internship request.

    Hi Mr. P,

    We would gladly welcome you as an intern if you promise to fulfill our one requirement. 

    What I see only on your cv is that the English level you have (and a PHP word on somewhere). Please don’t take it wrong. I’m sure you are a wonderful student and a candidate to be an engineer. But, as you know, there are so many. And you also have the English skills besides the others. So why don’t we use these skills? We know how to code PHP, how to use Laravel, VueJs, etc. And you know better English than us. If you are interested, we glad to accept you as an intern.

    By the way, I noticed that you didn’t ask “an internship” in the e-mail. You preferred to say ’30 days job’ instead, which is the first for me. Very good point. Congratulations.

    On the other hand, I must say, this will be just an official internship. Yes, we sometimes hire somebody from interns. Yes, you can be one of them, of course. But let’s left it to the end of your internship. And I repeat, there is no guarantee for that (because it is not my money).

    We don’t pay interns, unfortunately. No ticket card for food or no ticket for bus or metro. Very sad but this is the fact. But, we have a kitchen, you can bring your food. Everybody brings. Even our boss. We have a microwave and a toast machine. We have a teapot and coffee machine. You can use every time.

    Also, we have PS4 and a kind of Turkish pinball (for after 17.00).

    I don’t like to force interns about working hours. I mean, you can come to the office at 10.00 and leave at 17.00. You can leave for urgent situations, just let us know first.

    Yes, this is us. If you are still interested, here is my only requirement: You have to speak English with us :)

    Some of us want to speak English. We took some courses, we got some degree as you have. But we still not able to talk well. We did the Monday as an English speaking day but it only worked for one week. Hmmm… If you think that speaking English all the time is hard for you, let’s say you are free to talk any language you want on every Friday. How does that sound?

    It has been a very long e-mail for an internship, but as you understand, we have a long story about learning English :)

    Please let me know what you think.



  • Our English WhatsApp group is developing

    I decided to add two people which they are not from our class to the WhatsApp group. They are want to improve their English skills and both are our colleagues.

    Actually, one of them is not working for our company right now. She left the company after she married because she and her husband went to America and had been lived there for a while. She is a graphic designer and working for the university, which provides this online course as free. She has a blog on Medium in English.

    The other working with us currently. He is a programmer like us. He had been working as a tour guide for a short time. Actually, he was a teacher but he didn’t like the job and he has decided to be a programmer.

    Maybe our WhatsApp group will be more interactive with this two.

  • I did it!

    A few weeks ago Stephany (the English Coach on YouTube) asked us to send her a short video as a comment on Facebook. It was a closed group post. I was very shy but I barely did it. But I prepared my speech before taking the video. Anyway, it was a good experience to make a little speech for foreigners.

    Last night, an idea came to my mind that I can make my own videos every day while I driving to the office. Or while come back to home. I don’t need the share the videos public. I could keep the videos myself to see the developing of my English speaking.

    I made the first video this morning while driving to the office. It took 12 minutes. I thought I can share it with my wife and some close friends. And then I realized that we can also do the same thing that Stephany asked. We have a WhatsApp group that we use for our online English course, too. I could start a challenge there. And I did.

    Me trying to express my self.

    But nobody reacts to me at first. Because I just offered them. I understood that I should do it first and then maybe they would follow me.

    I took a short video in my car after exiting from the office and I send it to the group. I thought they will do the same immediately but it not happens :) They didn’t any react at first, actually. And I pushed some of them to accept my challenge :) I think they will do it. Some of them promised to do it. I’ll wait.

    I think I have started to collect some courage.

  • “did” or “have”

    It is hard to understand for beginners to choose “did” or “have/has” statement. There is a good post that explains this very clear. I copied all the text because I don’t want to miss it. There is a link also.


    What’s the difference between “did” and “have done”?

    As the other answers said, “did” is past tense. “Have done” is present perfect.

    Although in some contexts present perfect can imply that something was done recently, that is by no means the rule.

    “Have you ever run a marathon?” “Yes I have. I ran one ten years ago.”

    The question and the first sentence of the answer above are in present perfect tense. “I ran one” is past tense.

    You cannot say “I have run one ten years ago.” That is not good English. But that is not because the race was not recent. “I have answered the question a minute ago,”is also bad. (The sentence should be in the past tense, not in the present perfect.)

    The key to this mysterious behavior is the idea of a “temporal reference frame” or “implied time frame”. The time frame of the present perfect tense is a period of time that contains some of the past as well as the present. Key point: the present is in the frame. Let’s call what the frame contains a present-including past. (It has also been called anextended now.) When you use the present perfect, you are implying a view of past events as happening in a present-including past – the present being the time the sentence is said. Whereas, when you use the past tense, you view past events in a time frame that ended in the past – a present-excluding past. It sounds confusing, but consider some examples:

    “Have you seen that movie?” “No, I haven’t seen it,” or “I haven’t seen it yet.” The question and answer imply that the movie is still available to be seen (or will be in the future.) Or at least, they leave that possibility open. The present is included in the implied time frame.

    “Did you see that movie?” “No, I missed it.” The question and answer, both in the past tense, imply a time frame that ended in the past. This is appropriate if the movie is no longer available, or if you’re focusing on an event, like a showing, that is over.

    “Have you taken your pills this morning?” is good if it is still morning, since then the time frame “this morning” includes the present. But if it is no longer morning, you cannot say that. If it is evening, the question becomes “Did you take your pills this morning?” since the time frame, this morning, terminated in the past.

    “I’ve lived in San Francisco for ten years,” implies you’re still living there. It’s an extended now. “I lived in San Francisco for ten years,” implies you left at the end of that period. It’s over, finished.

    “I played basketball last Tuesday,” is good. “I have played basketball last Tuesday,” is bad, because last Tuesday is over. “I played basketball every Tuesday,” is good English, but it implies that I am no longer doing that. (The past tense time frame is present-excluding.) “I have played basketball every Tuesday for the past ten years” is also good, and it implies the practice continues into the present.

    Another aspect of the present perfect tense is that it can sometimes be seen as focusing on the present instead of the past – as a state in which past events have come to fruition. “I have passed the test” or “I’ve seen that movie” could be seen as describing your present state, not a past event. “I passed the test,” “I saw that movie,” on the other hand, are about those particular events in the past.

  • About Apple

    I didn’t mention here but I have been joined a remote course of Bahçesehir University to improve my English skills. It was a one time opportunity for our company and I didn’t want to miss it. Because it was free.

    We has taken two lessons until now. Our teacher has given us some writing homework. I want to share the latest here. It was about Apple. She asked us to write about something for a famous company which must include some keywords. Here is mine:

    I want to talk about Apple. This company is my favorite tech corporation or maybe I should say it was. After the earlier CEO gone which is Steve Jobs, the main character of Apple has changed.

    Apple also a joint-stock company. This kind of corporations has very interesting rules. For example; you can be forced to quit even you was the founder of the company. Because there is a board of shareholders. They can choose this kind of interesting and unfair decisions. Steve Jobs was forced to quit when he was the CEO.

    After that, the company struggled with many problems for a while. After 11 years, they asked Jobs to return to the company.

    All big companies like Apple are multinationals. They want to improve their benefits globally. Because of that, they need so many human resources from different countries. For example, one of Apple’s famous jobs is the App Store. This is a market place for mobile applications that can be run at the iOS platform which is alose belongs to Apple. App Store runs in hundreds of countries. Some of the applications are local. Apple must control all applications before publishing it to the market place. So, the company must have some local staff to understand what is in the application that wants to be on the App Store.

    Apple also has some physical subsidiaries in different countries: Apple Stores. Yes, the words are similar and sometimes can be confusing.

    Apple Stores are physical shop center to sell Apple’s electronic products like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac etc. They are very elegant shops and Turkey has some of them.

    I want to write more about Apple but I think it should be good to stop here.

    This was my writing. Today the teacher sent me an email and correct some errors. Here is the correct version of this homework:

    I think she didn’t understand the yellow part :)
  • English dream

    This is a very short story :)

    This morning I was teaching VueJS in English to one of my old colleagues. I was speaking fluently and I was very happy about it. Then one of my twins screamed and I woke up :) Yes, it was a good dream, really.

    I told this to who I saw at the dream. His answer made me burst into laughter. “Did I understand?”

  • Our English circle is growing

    I’m a team leader at work. We are a software company. We have three main projects. The project that I lead is the newest and it is about online examination platform for English.

    Our customers -actually not customer, they’re our partners- mostly are English teacher. We have been working together for almost 2 years. Suddenly we realized that they were teachers. They can teach us English.

    I’m talking about a lot of people but actually, we have 2 sincere teachers. We have different WhatsApp channels with them. By the way, our team is three people. We asked them to use English at WhatsApp channel and they agreed. Sometimes a big silence cover all chat screen but it is ok :)

    One of the teachers told us that their corporation which is a big university will start a free online English course for their staffs. We asked them to include us on this course. She asked her boss and he said this course would be for the B2 level and we should be at least B1 to participate it.

    Then she gave us a link to find out which level we were. There are two separated online exams. One for grammar and vocabulary and the other one for listening. I got B1 for the first and C1 for the second. It appears my ears work better my brain :)

  • My best friends

    I don’t want to call them just “friends”. I searched a little to find a proper word to describe them but I couldn’t decide which one is exactly fit to what I want to mean, so it has be “friend” again. (I was wanting to use “fella” but I couldn’t see this word at here)

    We are close friends from university, I mean since 1998, 1999 or 2000. I don’t know the year exactly because we were not close friends at the beginning. But in 2000 we became good friends. It is clear :)

    We shared same house at last year of the school. They were stay at school dorm before that. So, they has been good friends already. And I joined them at final year.

    We are four people. We know each other’s families. We have stayed in each other’s family homes dozens of times. We went to each other’s weddings, funerals. We are brothers.

    Yes, the correct word is the “brother”.

    My brothers came to me yesterday nearly at middle of the night. It was a surprise. One of them had said earlier that he would come. he already came towards the evening. But I didn’t expect the others. They (and their wife) wanted to visit me for my 40th birth day. How can I not call them as my brothers :)

    Actually my birthday was two day later but they want to came at weekend. Because one of them (let’s call him the boss) came from 500 km away. The other one (the artist) came from 100 km away. The artist and his wife returned after a few hours later because their little baby was sleeping at home. His sister was caring the baby. They wanted go back before baby awake.

    The boss and his wife stayed more for a few hours but then they leaved with the couple who came earlier (the gamer and his wife).

    Our twins were sleeping when they come. But the gamer and his wife played with them before the babies slept.

    They came from hundred of kilometers, stayed for a few hours, we talked, we laughed and then they left. They are my brothers. I love them much.

  • New Instagram account

    I decided to open a new Instagram account for daily sharing. It is about my English journey of course.

    I tagged our English coach at first sharing and she give back a like at the end of the day.

    I’ll try to use often this account. Stories can be good. I’m very careful when I want to post my real Instagram account to choose picture but there is no risk for this new account. Because it is for just practising.

  • Posting a single paragraph for every day

    Yes, I’m watching Stephanie at the other tab, right now. She mentioned to post a single paragraph every day to Instagram. Guess what.. My Instagram is not for to do this :) I want to put there only beautiful photographs. So, I will put my single paragraph to here, at my latest lovely blog. This is it!