• English dream

    This is a very short story :)

    This morning I was teaching VueJS in English to one of my old colleagues. I was speaking fluently and I was very happy about it. Then one of my twins screamed and I woke up :) Yes, it was a good dream, really.

    I told this to who I saw at the dream. His answer made me burst into laughter. “Did I understand?”

  • Our English circle is growing

    I’m a team leader at work. We are a software company. We have three main projects. The project that I lead is the newest and it is about online examination platform for English.

    Our customers -actually not customer, they’re our partners- mostly are English teacher. We have been working together for almost 2 years. Suddenly we realized that they were teachers. They can teach us English.

    I’m talking about a lot of people but actually, we have 2 sincere teachers. We have different WhatsApp channels with them. By the way, our team is three people. We asked them to use English at WhatsApp channel and they agreed. Sometimes a big silence cover all chat screen but it is ok :)

    One of the teachers told us that their corporation which is a big university will start a free online English course for their staffs. We asked them to include us on this course. She asked her boss and he said this course would be for the B2 level and we should be at least B1 to participate it.

    Then she gave us a link to find out which level we were. There are two separated online exams. One for grammar and vocabulary and the other one for listening. I got B1 for the first and C1 for the second. It appears my ears work better my brain :)

  • My best friends

    I don’t want to call them just “friends”. I searched a little to find a proper word to describe them but I couldn’t decide which one is exactly fit to what I want to mean, so it has be “friend” again. (I was wanting to use “fella” but I couldn’t see this word at here)

    We are close friends from university, I mean since 1998, 1999 or 2000. I don’t know the year exactly because we were not close friends at the beginning. But in 2000 we became good friends. It is clear :)

    We shared same house at last year of the school. They were stay at school dorm before that. So, they has been good friends already. And I joined them at final year.

    We are four people. We know each other’s families. We have stayed in each other’s family homes dozens of times. We went to each other’s weddings, funerals. We are brothers.

    Yes, the correct word is the “brother”.

    My brothers came to me yesterday nearly at middle of the night. It was a surprise. One of them had said earlier that he would come. he already came towards the evening. But I didn’t expect the others. They (and their wife) wanted to visit me for my 40th birth day. How can I not call them as my brothers :)

    Actually my birthday was two day later but they want to came at weekend. Because one of them (let’s call him the boss) came from 500 km away. The other one (the artist) came from 100 km away. The artist and his wife returned after a few hours later because their little baby was sleeping at home. His sister was caring the baby. They wanted go back before baby awake.

    The boss and his wife stayed more for a few hours but then they leaved with the couple who came earlier (the gamer and his wife).

    Our twins were sleeping when they come. But the gamer and his wife played with them before the babies slept.

    They came from hundred of kilometers, stayed for a few hours, we talked, we laughed and then they left. They are my brothers. I love them much.

  • New Instagram account

    I decided to open a new Instagram account for daily sharing. It is about my English journey of course.

    I tagged our English coach at first sharing and she give back a like at the end of the day.

    I’ll try to use often this account. Stories can be good. I’m very careful when I want to post my real Instagram account to choose picture but there is no risk for this new account. Because it is for just practising.

  • Posting a single paragraph for every day

    Yes, I’m watching Stephanie at the other tab, right now. She mentioned to post a single paragraph every day to Instagram. Guess what.. My Instagram is not for to do this :) I want to put there only beautiful photographs. So, I will put my single paragraph to here, at my latest lovely blog. This is it!

  • Hello world!

    I don’t need to change title of this pre-prepared post. Because it is really an “Hello world!” for me.

    This blog will be my English journey. I have been working in English for a while. My goal is to improve my speech, my vocabulary, etc.

    I have been following a few YouTube channel for studying English. One of them is Stephanie, The English Coach. Her web site’s address is englishfulltime.com. I also watch her videos from the web site.

    Actually, I joined the web site at beginning of this month but I couldn’t watch any video except first one :) So, I took a few minutes before going to sleep and watched the second video tonight.

    She mentioned that to consuming English every day for improve skills at video. There are so many ways to do it. But I liked one of them very much: To start a blog in English.

    May be she wasn’t talk about blogs in particular. May be it was YouTube channel or something else but I love blogs and I decided to start an English blog while watching the video.

    This will be my fifth blog. Actually, I have been using this method already. I have had an Ottoman blog for eight days. Ottoman Language isn’t a real language. It is a kind of writing language. Because it is Turkish when you speak but it uses Arabic letter when you write. So, I have started osmanlicaeserler.com (it means Ottoman books) to re-write some parts from old good books from photocopies for improve my Ottoman writing skills.

    Anyway, I like this new blog already. Thanks Stephanie :) I hope it works.